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Alex Samek Kor

Alexander Samek is among the most notable names both of you or three developments for speculation pushed in the world of hospitality. Alongside Brian De Lowe and Brad Korzen, Alex Samek had a passion for lifestyle hotels and a desire to serve the needs and needs of luxury travelers. With the desire to provide luxury services, the three were behind Proper Hospitality that meets their objective; of designing and operating high-end lifestyle hotels.


Since the time they from the start ventured into the industry, they’ve never looked back and continue to conquer markets worldwide. Going prior to following this route, Alex Samek was responsible for creating and executing the strategy of Kor Hotel Group for commercial investment, acquisition and development. This in like way includes optimizing the value of Kor’s current property portfolio while in like way identifying and securing future acquisitions not forgetting business development opportunities.


No wonder Alex Samek Kor contributions continue to leave a cutting in the industry. Going prior to joining Kor, Alex Samek invested in equity to acquire and integrate six companies while serving at North Castle Partners. Situated in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alex boasts of a BSBA from Washington University and a MBA from Columbia Business School. His education and experience makes him a force to be reckoned with in the hospitality industry. In a short period of time with Proper Hospitality, Alex continues to break records in the industry. Proper Hospitality includes its brands Avalon Hotels, Proper Hotels, and Hotel June.


Proper Hotels and Hotel June are three distinct brands that perfectly fit in the lifestyle and base on ‘focal luxury.’ Well, this entails eclectic and luxurious design alongside localness and exceptional food-and-beverage options. Maybe the most notable things that make Proper Hospitality standout from the rest in the industry is the way that they partner with local chefs from the location of where the hotel is situated. This isn’t standard for different hotels that ought to depend on international celebrity chefs.


What makes it by a wide edge standard; Proper Hospitality doesn’t outsource operations of its restaurants and rather operates them with a local partner. Alex Samek Proper Hospitality contribution can never go unnoticed after what he has done to assist the company with growing. Considering everything, he continues to play a vital role in ensuring Proper Hospitality drives with the future of luxury. Indeed, this is really what’s needed to gain ground in the hospitality industry without experiencing an endless deal. For more data, read at this link.