All you want to know about Chinese funny stories

Here you can read real stories about China that have happened to the author of the portal. You can discover what Chinese society is like by reading their stories. Recently, the author has written a book where he develops his experiences across the country. For a long time I wanted to publish a somewhat more casual version of the adventures and occurrences that accompanied my doctoral research or some Chinese funny stories.

Luckily, there are now hundreds of excellent portals, aggregators, social networks and websites in English, all of them with very good content about what is happening in China. Anyway, with this work I try to satisfy two vital needs in both major cities: laugh a while and learn something new about Chinese culture. Those who encourage you to read lookingchina it will find that the style of writing changes as I go on to relate the journey, the arrival and the settlement, to present the most interesting results of my research on the cultural keys of Chinese development.

This is a looking-china where we collect the experience of years of work with China: Travel, News, News, Business, Commerce, Economy, Tourism and a long etc. that will help readers to know firsthand all the curiosities of the Asian giant. To round off this little review of things we do know about the Chinese economy, we must underline the change in economic model that the country is experiencing.

Collective portal that works practically as a China news aggregator. They make an always interesting selection of the most controversial reports, with special emphasis on the Chinese stories, censorship and the main Chinese stories. We hope you like it. Any questions, you just have to contact us and we will try to prepare the information you are looking for to help you. So, start reading the post available at the online portal and we assure you that you will definitely find the more details. For more information, visit this page.

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